About the Portal

You are viewing the webpage of analytical portal of Caucasian House www.regional-dialogue.com

Centre for Cultural Relations — Caucasian House is a cultural, educational, and peacebuilding organisation which aims to create a platform for ideological and intellectual regional cooperation and peaceful development of the Caucasus.


In 2011 with the financial support of the British government analytical portal of Caucasian House www.regional-dialogue.com was created. The portal serves as an open media-platform which brings together analytical and periodical articles on: conflicts and peace building, Georgian-Russian relations, socioeconomic and political processes in south Caucasus, current affairs in international relations and so on.

On-going activities of the Peace and Integration Programme of Caucasian House are regularly published at the analytical portal. Entries that are published at the portal are mainly written by the young researchers who were involved in Caucasian Houses projects over the years.  Publications of Caucasian House are also available on the portal.

Our organization primarily focuses on giving young researchers from Georgia and the region a chance to publish their work on our portal, hence www.regional-dialogue.com is open to any interested person who wishes to have their work published at www.regional-dialouge.com. Articles should be written on one of these topics:  Georgian-Russian Relations, Georgia’s foreign affairs, ethnic conflicts, Ukrainian crisis, current political situation in the south Caucasus region and any issues related to regional and international cooperation.


Articles should meet following criteria:

  • Article should not exceed more 2500 words
  • Opinions of the author should be formed logically and supported by the accurate data
  • All the used sources should be credited.
  • Text should be grammatically and stylistically coherent
  • Texts that contain plagiarism in any form will not be considered for publishing
  • The editorial board of regional-dialouge.com maintains the right to change or introduce new selection criteria upon publishing the articles.
  • Article together with the small resume (CV) of the author should be sent to rd@caucasianhouse.ge. The maximum size of the email should be 5 MB.


The views and opinions expressed in the publications are those of the authors only and do not necessarily represent those of any government, organization or institution.