Working Paper: Prospects of Georgian-Russian Relations: the international and bilateral contexts

The annexation of Crimea and ongoing conflict in Ukraine, as well as recent unrest in Abkhazia impacts the development of Georgian-Russian relations. These events create certain difficulties in relations of the two countries both in international and bilateral contexts. On May 29, Caucasian House organized a round-table on the topic of “Prosepects on Georgian-Russian relations.” The participants of the discussion were beneficiaries and the management of the project “Georgian-Russian Dialogue for Peace and Cooperation”. The future plans of the project were also discussed on the event. The speeches were delivered by Giorgi Gvimradze, Analyst of Strategic Research Centre, Giorgi Kanashvili, Executive Director of Caucasian House and Tato Khundadze, Project Coordinator at Caucasian House. Download


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